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We recommend hand washing all wrapped vehicles. Absolutely no pressure washing.

A “vehicle wrap” is not a paint job, but can save you thousands of dollars for such detail. 

You may see some imperfections on certain hard line contour areas.

You will have overlapping panels (seams), sometimes we even drop sections over channels.

We use the best quality film available to us. We also over-laminate the film for extra fade and scratch protection.

Expect 3 to 5 years of use for your wrapped ride!  All depends on colors and uv conditions.

Most of the time we have no problems when removing the film if the wrap is taken off under 3 years. 

Troubled paint or rust areas not a guarantee that the film will hold up on those spots.

You can trust that we will treat your vehicle with the same care that you would use yourself.

Never attempt to take off the wrap yourself, always let the professionals handle that for you.

We warrantee perforated window film for only 1 year. (do use chemicals when washing),

No rear wiper, scraper or defroster should ever be used on perforated window graphics. You may use a soft brush

On certain inverted areas and body contours(Channels), lifting of the material unfortunately a down fall of wraps.

We sometimes use silicone on edges to help seal material and to help material lift. When you wrap anything ....Rember you 

are committing something amazing. similar to a tattoo.

If you think a wrap can be perfect or after removing your wrap your car will be perfect, do not get it done. 

Also remember...You putting a sticker on a car. it' is just that!

Plan on leaving your “cleaned” vehicle with us for 3-4 days on average to complete.

If you have questions or concerns please ask before getting done

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